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Yuplex.com is an online ecommerce platform created for Kenyan businesses. Business owners who wish to use the platform visit the website and create an account by providing their personal details, a unique name of their business and other details for the business including opening hours, location and active mobile number (MPesa number).

Yuplex.com website is an inventory management system that enable business owners to upload products, specify price points, stock levels, variants and much more. Once products are uploaded they immediately appear on the customer marketplace under the URL www.yuplex.com. Each business owner gets a unique link for both their web shop and each of their products that they can share to their networks directly from the site. In the event that a customer makes a purchase for product on the platform, yuplex.com will ensure end-to-end fulfillment of the order. The order will be dispatched through one of our delivery partners which enables us to accomplish same day deliveries across urban areas. After a product is successfully delivered, the seller is paid immediately through MPesa account.

Yuplex.com attracts business owners selling different fashions and designs of shoes and clothes for both genders from kids to adults.

At yuplex.com, business owners have various online options including simply making the use of social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. However yuplex.com gives you the power to manage your online inventory just as you would physically in your store.

Yuplex.com makes your work as a businessperson so easy since you are in a position to upload as much inventory as you want, specify how many of each is in stock, adjust prices as you wish, change photos and even add product variations.

With yuplex.com you are assured that with every sale, your product will be picked up & delivered within 24hrs, and your payment will be sent directly to your MPesa account immediately the customer accepts the delivery.


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